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The bicycle route around the Szczecin Lagoon

Sightseeing with Latarnik Kopice

Centrum Słowian i Wikingów

Wiking Smażalnia in Trzebież

The observation tower on the Zielonczyn mountain

Beach in Czarnocin

Frajda School of Active Recreation

Kopice - Czarnocin educational path

Panorama Tavern in Stepnica

Stepnica fishing port

The Nature Park of the Szczecin Lagoon

Białodrzew Kopicki Reserve

Beach in Czarnocin


A wide, clean and quiet beach, surrounded by Natura 2000 sites and drenched in shallow, warm and clean waters of the Szczecin Lagoon. There is a small parking lot next to the beach, which can be reached via an asphalt road. At the beach there are also benches, a shelter and a windsurfing center, where in July - August you can take lessons with an instructor, by appointment.

Frajda School of Active Recreation


We are a Center that specializes mainly in organizing recreation for children and youth. Programs that we have been implementing for 23 years are planned and arranged in accordance with the development needs of young people, taking into account and using, above all, their natural will to move, curiosity about the world and social contacts.




Kopice - Czarnocin educational path


Its task is to draw attention to the wealth of natural phenomena that are hidden in an apparently ordinary forest. 

Along the entire path, 15 educational boards, signposts, an wind gauge and nesting boxes have been installed. At the beginning of the path in Kopice and at the end of the path in Czarnocin, sheds with glass tables were installed.

Center of Slavs and Vikings in Wolin


The Slavs and Vikings Center is a reconstruction of the medieval buildings of Wolin, created on the basis of archaeological research.


Reconstructions of early medieval elements, such as several dozen huts, gate, embankments, wharf and defensive fortifications. Everything in the Center is available to tourists: they can freely touch everything, enter the huts, sit on benches, lie on the beds, use various tools on their own.




Sightseeing on the route Kopice - Międzywodzie and sunbathing on the Baltic Sea


We go by car to Międzywodzie, on the way we pass the village of Zielonczyn, where we climb the observation tower (after making an appointment) from where there is a view of many kilometers to the Lagoon, Wolin, Świnoujście, Goleniów, etc., we get to Wolin, there we visit the cathedral and the ancient settlement of the Slavs with replicas of houses, defensive walls, etc. Then we stop in Sieraków to visit the Farm - Fisheries Museum with hundred-year-old exhibits (after making an appointment).

Then we go to the Baltic Sea to Międzywodzie to laze on the sands of beautiful beaches. The cost is the price of the admission tickets.

The bicycle route around the Szczecin Lagoon


Around the Szczecin Lagoon (Stettiner Haff Rundweg) is a circular Polish-German route for those who like to relax by the water. The eastern part completely coincides with the Blue Velo route, many sections run with a direct view of the waters of Lake Dąbie and the Szczecin Lagoon. The route provides many opportunities for communing with wildlife and bird watching, which the waters of the lagoon are famous for. Along the way, there are numerous marinas, beech forests of the Wolin National Park, and even a settlement of Slavs and Vikings.




Białodrzew Kopicki Reserve


Białodrzew Kopicki covers the area of 10 ha, of which almost 9 ha are the waters of the Zalew Szczeciński.

The reserve was established to protect the coastal zone with rare aquatic and rush vegetation and a fragment of a riparian forest. In addition, the floodplain terrace and the littoral of Kopicka Mielizna are also protected.

Wiking Smażalnia in Trzebież


We invite you for fried fish straight from the pan and more.

Smażalnia is located next to the marina in Trzebież.




The observation tower on the Zielonczyn mountain


Put into operation in April 2010. Built by the Goleniów Forest District thanks to funds obtained from the grants of the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management under the project entitled: "Improving the fire protection system of forest areas of the Goleniów Forest District". The construction of the tower amounted to over 400 thousand. PLN, of which the grant from the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management was 300 thousand. zloty. The building serves as a fire detection facility and as a tourist facility, as there is an observation deck on it. Total height: 42.50 m.

Panorama Tavern in Stepnica


Are you fan of Greek and Mediterranean cuisine and haven't found the right restaurant to spend your evening in? We welcome you with open arms and delicious dishes in our restaurant Tawerna Panorama, where you can enjoy the chef's tasty creations and an interesting atmosphere. Spend a nice evening in our beautiful, charming garden. If, however, the weather turns out to be a little cooler, the heated terrace will be a perfect oasis to spend time in a pleasant atmosphere.



Stepnica Fishing Port


Due to its location on the shores of the Szczecin Lagoon, Stepnica has been famous for fishing from the very beginning of its existence. Already in the thirteenth century notes wrote about the fishing nature of the settlement. As part of the last modernization of the port, 12 boxes for fishermen were built, a cooling chamber for storing fish with a new ice generator, social rooms with sanitary facilities, modernization of the administration building and network houses. The investment made it possible to modernize the wharf with a fishing boat lift, maneuvering areas, and deepen the port basin and the entrance to the port.

The location away from traffic, in the immediate vicinity of the nature reserve, meadows and forests surrounding the village, ensures a peaceful rest and complete relaxation. The shallow waters of Mielizna Kopicka enable fully safe and recreational use of our water equipment. Water birds roaming the coastal reeds will satisfy the curiosity of many amateurs - ornithologists. The short distance from the fairway allows you to observe seagoing ships sailing to / from the port of Szczecin. Moreover, on the nearby uninhabited island of Chełminek there is the habitat of the "white-tailed eagle".


The Nature Park of the Szczecin Lagoon


Polish horses and Scottish Highland cows were brought to the park, which are a great attraction for people visiting this place. Lapwings appear here in early spring, flocks of geese forage among the grasses, then redshank, gray and yellow wagtail appear as well. In addition to these birds, live here, among others: snipe, larks, corncrakes and cranes. However, the most popular among people visiting the Park is the white-tailed eagle. Its impressive silhouette distinguishes it from other bird predators inhabiting this place.

The Nature Park of the Szczecin Lagoon


It is situated near the town of Czarnocin, behind the Czarnociński Channel. This park was created on the initiative of naturalists and enthusiasts - Poles and Dutch as a result of a joint project. Its idea was to develop a model of nature protection management in an area of natural value and unique in Europe.



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